Here Are My 4 Favorite Steps to Get Your Ex Back

If you search the internet you will find an amazing number of steps to get your ex back that are offered by just about anyone who has ever gone through the process themselves. Even some that have no idea what they are talking about. The key is to sift through all of the offered tips and find the diamonds in the rough. So I went through about 50 different tips and came up with the 4 I like the best.

Step 1

Figure out why you broke up to begin with.

Of all the steps to get your ex back offered out there this is my pick for the first step. If you can figure out exactly why the break up happened then you can avoid doing it again.

Step 2

Be the person they fell for in the beginning.

What changed and how do you change back? Obviously something has changed from the beginning until now so figure out exactly what it was and try to be the same person you were at the start of the relationship. Going from breakup to makeup can be made a whole lot easier if you can be the person they fell for.

Step 3

Start taking better care of yourself, join a gym or get a make over.

If he, or she, sees that you are starting to take more of an interest in how you look they will see you in a different light. Not only can this be good but it can be great if they suddenly realize what they are missing out on.

Step 4

Step back and go on with your life.

Do not let your exaving take you down to a place you do not want to be. Get up and get out of the house. Enjoy life and maybe you will see that you do not want them back, or better yet maybe your ex will see that your life can go on without them and get really jealous.

Those were my favorite tips of all the ones I have seen around the net. I hope they help you as much as they have helped me.

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