What Components Make Up a Four Wheel Drive?

Four wheel drives are distinctly different to all wheel drive and 2wd cars. They are taller, more robust and able to drive on rough terrain. They are also designed to be able to tow heavy and big items, such as a trailer, boat or camper trailer. There are several main differences between a normal 2wd and a 4×4 or 4wd. These are the clearance, bar work, suspension set up, tires, engine specifications, fuel tank sizes, lighting and drivetrain.

A 4×4 needs to be able to clear large objects like tree stems and rocks as it drives off road, which is why they are set up much higher. The lowest point is still the differential, but by fitting larger tires you can get several inches of clearance. Four wheel drives are also designed so that power goes evenly to all four wheels. This means that you have twice the amount of transaction and hence are able to climb up steep, slippery hills. Four wheel drive is very important on sand too, as the rear end of the vehicle would sink if you only had those two wheels driving.

Bar work is an important part of 4×4. It helps to protect the front, side sills and the rear or the vehicle. 4×4 bullbars are one of the most important configurations, and they help to sit driving lights on if you do any night driving. Buying a 4×4 used cars can be a daunting experience, but if you do some high quality research and take your time then you will end up with a car that suits what you as an individual or family need.

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