Hair and Make-Up Tips For a Bikini Model

Depending on the photo shoot, your hair and make-up can range from bare and flat, to colorful and volumized. You want to deliver the best results as a model, and that includes knowing what is right and what is wrong for each type of photo shoot. As a model you should know the necessary tools and tips for your hair and make-up. For a bikini model, the best approach to your hair and make-up is to keep your look clean, fresh and simple.

You want to look sexy yet natural as a bikini model, so your make-up should be minimized. You should use only a little of foundation, think fresh and light. Remember, you could be getting wet as a bikini model, so do not use so much that your make-up will run. For your blush, you should pick a dark shade of pink, but not so dark that it appears unnatural. When you brush it on your cheeks, you’ll want to work from your cheekbones to your ears in an upward sweep. This will enhance the contour of your face and highlight your cheek bones.

Since your eyes are considered to be “windows to your soul”, your eyes are an essential piece of the puzzle. For your eye shadow, you should pick a light color that compliments your eyes, steering towards browns and grays. Although color is good, it can be problematic during a bikini shoot. Usually the purpose of a bikini shoot is to sell the bikini. You want the consumer to look at how great your body looks in the bikini and how great your overall look is. You do not want them just to concentrate on your eyes; it takes away attention from your body and the swimsuit.

For your mascara, it should be light. You want to accentuate your eyelashes, but be careful not to make them “show stopper” eyelashes. If you were on the beach you wouldn’t see a woman in a bikini with false eyelashes. So a simple mascara will do great, do not use volumizers or eyelash plumpers. For your eyeliner, you should use your eye shadow. Just dip your brush in your eye shadow, usually the darker of the colors you’ve used, and brush it along the bottom eyelid, and on the edge of your eye. This will play up your eyes without making them too harsh, as eyeliner has a tendency to do.

You want your lips to look plump and beautifully shaped for your photo shoot. Choose a lip liner that is very close to your lip color. When applying the lip liner, work your way from the inside of your lips to the edges. Edging your lips is crucial in creating a plump pouty lip. Now for your lipstick you should pick a sheer color, within 2 shades of your lip color. Pick a lipstick that has a little bit of moisture and shine to it. Before you apply the lipstick, you should put some ChapStick on your lips. This will hydrate your lips, helping to keep them looking healthy and moisturized. Apply your lipstick, working from the inside of your lips to the edges. Do not use gloss for a bikini shoot, you want your lips to look moisturized and natural, not glossy and fake. After you have applied your lipstick, take the edge of your pinky, and edge up your cupids bow. This will define your lips and create that voluptuous look.

When it comes to your hair, you want to have that slightly curly and the “next-day” messy look. To get the tousled look, you want your waves to appear silky, you can achieve this by applying a dime size amount of smoothing serum through your dry hair before you style your hair. Use a 2″ curling iron, and loosely curl your hair and lightly tease your hair at the roots. You just want to create the wispy vibe, not full on curls. For the next-day messy look, there are two tips you can use to get the results you need. Take a shower right before you go to bed and comb your hair out to detangle it.

After you have done this, you can part your hair in the center of your head, and pull your hair back into a low bun and go to sleep. When you wake up and take down your hair, you will have relaxed and refined waves. Another way is to spray texturizer onto your dry hair. After you applied the texturizer, scrunch up your ends to help build messy volume. Once you have styled your hair, make sure you spray your hair with a flexible hairspray. You want to maintain the wispy look without sacrificing its naturalness. If you have difficulty thinking of how to do your hair, just glance inside a Victoria’s Secret catalog to get a push in the right direction.

When you have problems trying to create the perfect bikini model look, think of the beach. Close your eyes and envision the beach, imagine you’re walking on the beach, feel the sand beneath your feet. Notice the people as you walk by them. Do they wear bright lipstick colors? Do they have a crazy eye shadow color on? Simply think of how you would go to the beach if you were with friends or by yourself. You want to create the feeling of being on the beach or by the pool.

You want the consumer to imagine that that’s how they can look in the bikini. If you have big curls in your hair and bright red lips, it will be harder for people to imagine themselves as you. The purpose of a bikini model, other than selling the swimsuit, is to make the consumer want to be you. They want to look as sexy as you do on the beach or while laying by the pool. Remember you want to look sexy but RELATABLE! Do this and you will achieve that sexy beach look, and have an amazing shoot.

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Tree Structure – The Basic Makeup of Trees

Trees are made up of three main components: the roots, the leaves and the woody structure that connects them. The function of the roots is to bring the water and minerals to the rest of the tree. The leaves also serve to feed the tree. They absorb carbon dioxide from the air and use sunlight to combine this gas with the moisture brought up from the roots, making the simple sugars which feed the tree giving off oxygen as a byproduct.

That is the true magic of trees; they feed off of a toxic gas and provide clean oxygen in return. They are truly the earths air filter. According to David Nowak of the USDA Forest Service a persons oxygen needs could be supplied by two trees. To make up for the carbon dioxide created by the average household with a single car would take about 1/6th of an acre of trees (so start planting).

The woody structure, including the trunk, branches and twigs hold the trees leaves in position to receive the life-giving sunlight and carbon dioxide; they also act as a means of carrying the raw materials and nutrients back and forth between the roots and the leaves. The moisture taken up by the roots is pulled up by a process of capillary attraction and the osmotic action induced by the evaporation of water from the leaves. This loss of water through the leaves is called transpiration.

On a warm summer day, a single birch tree may transpire as much as 900 gallons of water. This enormous flow of water causes a continuous flow of tree sap from the roots of the tree to the uppermost leaves.

When moving a tree or working around an existing tree that you wish to preserve, the highest priority is to protect the root structure of the tree itself. The larger roots at the trunk anchor the tree to the ground and stabilize it, while the small root-hairs at the ends of the rootlets absorb the water from the ground.

The trunk of a tree is made up of the bark, the wood and the pith. The pith is the middle section surrounded by the wood. Between the wood and exterior bark is a thin layer that creates new wood on the inside and bark on the outside. This layer is known as the cambium layer. When the cambium ring is severed the tree is killed, such as when a fence wire is wrapped around a tree and wears through the bark. Damage to the cambium layer also makes a tree vulnerable to insects and disease, so anything driven into it can wound a tree severely.

Besides man himself, trees have many natural enemies. There are more than 200,000 known insects that attack trees. Diseases, such as blight, rust, and rot, just to name a few can cause tremendous amounts of damage to trees or groupings of trees. High winds, ice storms and droughts can also create a great deal of havoc with trees. Fortunately, trees have several thing going for them. They are extremely resilient and can survive even serious damage, storms and droughts are not terribly common and birds ally themselves with tree to keep most of the insects in check.

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The Ultimate Guide for a Makeup Noob

For a makeup beginner, choosing what to buy and start from can be really difficult and leaves a little room for experimenting. Especially now you need to look your best everyday, every time.

Gone are the days, when a simple lip gloss and a little khol was enough to go by day. It is said that Cleopatra bathed in goat’s milk and honey to look her best. We’re all aware of the ancient connection between women and beauty. No wonder the cosmetics and beauty industry is a multi-billion dollar enterprise! Now you need to look your best everyday, every time. The range of hair products, skin lotions, and cosmetics available today is mind boggling. Buying, maintaining and replenishing beauty products is an expensive affair. After all, vanity comes with a price tag. And all the available options can be overwhelming for a total beginner.

If you walk into a store like Sephora or Ulta and find yourself overwhelmed, it’s probably safe to say you’re quite new to the makeup world. For a beginner, makeup can be quite intimidating. Today there’s such a huge selection of products available which often makes newcomers feel pretty confused. “What does that do?” “What do I need this for?” The choice seems endless. And more often than not, you end up buying something that doesn’t work for you. Don’t worry. Makeup, like many things, involves trial and error and lots of practice, but a little help never hurts. We’ve compiled a “makeup starter kit” of affordable essentials that every newbie needs in order to fully dive into the realm of makeup.


A primer, while not always essential, will help your makeup go on smoothly and increase its longevity. When choosing a primer, it’s important to take your skin type into consideration. If you have dry skin, you’ll want something hydrating and brightening. If you have oily skin with larger pores, you’ll want something mattifying and blurring.

BB Cream/ Foundation

If you’re new to makeup, try out a BB cream before jumping into the realm of foundation. BB, or “beauty balm,” creams provide light coverage and don’t feel heavy like some foundations can. Overall, they’re a good way to allow your skin to get used to the feel of wearing makeup. Like primers, knowing your skin type is important when choosing a BB cream.


Even if you’re hesitant about using face makeup for the first time, a concealer is a must. Concealers contain more pigment than foundation and allow you to cover up things like dark circles or any unwanted blemishes.


Powder is essential for locking in your makeup and making sure it won’t slip and slide around all day. If you have drier skin, you can usually get away without it but if you have combo/oily skin, it’s a must. The most important part of your face to set is the T-zone-the forehead, nose and chin-as this is the area that produces the most oil.


Bronzer allows you to fake that sunkissed glow all year round. It’s best to apply a warm shade in the shape of a “3” along the sides of your face, hitting your forehead, cheekbones, and jawline.


Blush, when applied correctly, adds life to your face. A good way to choose a perfect blush is to select a color that mimics your natural flush. Peachier tones tend to look best on those with warm skin, while pink shades flatter those with cool skin.


It’s not a necessary step, but if you want to achieve that gorgeous, lit-from-within glow, you’ll need a highlighter. Highlighters are light, shimmery champagne or golden toned powders or liquids

Brow Pencil

Your brows frame your face and can seriously change your entire look. That’s why it’s important to keep them looking groomed and neat.

Eyeshadow Primer

An eye primer is absolutely essential if you want your eyeshadows to look amazing all day. Eye primers prevent your eyeshadows from creasing, make them appear more vibrant, and help them go on smoothly and blend easily.

Neutral Eyeshadow Palette

Neutral eyeshadows are the most basic and essential thing a makeup beginner needs in their kit. In general, light shades should be applied to your lid, inner corner and brow bone, medium shades to the crease, and dark shades to the outer corner and lower lashline.

Eyeliner Pencil

Eyeliner pencils can intensify any look and really make your eyes pop. Black can be used to add a sultry and smokey effect to your look, brown is perfect for every day definition, and nude can be used in the waterline to really open up the eyes.

Liquid or Gel Eyeliner

A liquid or gel eyeliner will add drama and is the perfect product to take your look from day to night. The formula you choose is your preference, however they both take some practice.


If you could only buy one product on this whole list, mascara should be it. It’s amazing what long, full lashes can do for your face. Applying a few generous coats of mascara to both your upper and lower lashes will open up your eyes, brighten up your face and make you look more awake.

Lip Liner

Lip liner is an excellent way to define your lips and increase the longevity of your lipstick.


For a makeup beginner, lipstick is probably the easiest way to really play with different colors and looks. There are a variety of finishes and shades to choose from, and really, it’s all about experimenting!

Lip Gloss

Lip Gloss is a great way to add color and shine to your lips without dealing with the maintenance of a lipstick.

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How to Clean Your Airbrush Makeup System Like a Pro

Airbrush makeup systems are notorious for getting clogged, particularly if the incorrect type of foundation or moisturizer is used. For those new to airbrushing this may appear to be a little tough to take seriously but if you adhere to a handful of simple steps you can keep your stylus and compressor in great condition for many years.

An ideal place to begin is definitely the manual which came with your system. You just spent a considerably large sum of money on the unit and now is the time to resolve to keep it like new. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning and do not cut corners. Several systems, for instance, will warn you to only use distilled or filtered h2o rather than tap. Standard water from your faucet carries minerals which include lime scale that may block up your stylus wand over time. If you have ever lived in an area with hard water and checked out the underside of your bathroom faucet, you’ll know what we mean. You do not want that inside of your airbrush!

Airbrush make-up is made up of two types and 2 cleaning methods: silicone-based and water-based. Naturally, silicone is more challenging to clean. Water-based makeup can easily be removed with filtered or distilled water and rubbing alcohol. There is a product available on the market now which is an enzyme concentrate which will work on both types, though. It is actually non-toxic, ph balanced and made with food-grade ingredients so it is safe to use in your airbrush. Simply Google the phrase, “Nurturing Force NF” to find out where you may purchase.

Essentially you want to concentrate on keeping the airbrush stylus, or wand particularly clean. The wand includes a needle and misting nozzle that are in constant exposure to makeup as well as the cup that holds the droplets. Making use of a little cleaning brush or Q-tip, wipe out residual makeup from the cup. Rinse with distilled water or cleaner by a process known as back bubbling. This is the technique used to blend makeup where the trigger is partly pushed causing air to percolate back up into the cup. If you do this by using only water, the bubbling effect will wash out the airbrush and have a cleaning result. Simply obstruct the mist nozzle of the stylus using your finger and push the trigger which causes air to be introduced through the cup rather than the nozzle. Once you have done this a couple of times, go ahead and unblock the nozzle and spray the rest of the liquid out through the nozzle. Perform repeatedly as necessary. This will completely make sure that any kind of residual makeup is removed.

Next you will need to concentrate on the needle. Remove it according to the manual and use your enzime cleaner or just distilled water and liquid soap. Work with a soft, lint-free material to keep from left over threads from sticking to the needle. Do not use tissues for this reason as well. You can use a Q-tip dipped in cleaning solution to carefully roll on each side of the needle.

Soaking your airbrush on a regular basis is another good idea, given you continue to avoid tap water. Simply place the stylus inside a nice and clean container and fill up with filtered h2o. Let this sit overnight and any left over makeup is going to be dissolved. Occasionally, you will probably wish to disassemble the stylus for a thorough washing but be careful in resetting the needle correctly. Stick to your maker’s instructions.

Trying to keep your airbrush clean and free from clogs will ensure you get the perfect spray as well as the finest coverage. You do not have to do a deep cleaning of the needle after every use, but getting in the habit of taking care of your investment will save you disappointment later.

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Makeup – Top 10 Ingredients To Avoid

1. Methyl, Propyl, Butyl and Ethyl Parabens.

Why used? A preservative. It’s cheap.

Where used? Shampoos, makeup, moisturizers, toothpaste and food.

Dangers: A report in the New Scientist 2004 stated that in an analysis of 20 breast tumors that “high concentrations of para-hydroxybenzoic acids (parabens) [were found] in 18 samples. Parabens can mimic the hormone estrogen, which is known to play a role in the development of breast cancers. The preservatives are used in many cosmetics and some foods to increase their shelf-life.” The jury is still out on whether parabens are to blame. But even the American Cancer Society says that more research has to be done to establish if parabens have an effect on breast cancer risk.

What to look for on labels: Anything ending with the word paraben.

2. Diethanolamine (DEA).

Why used? A wetting agent and provides a rich lather.

Where used? Shampoos, lotions, creams and other cosmetics.

Dangers: This isn’t harmful in itself but it can react with other ingredients in the cosmetic formula to form a potent carcinogen called nitrosodiethanolamine which is absorbed through the skin and has been linked with stomach, oesophagus, liver and bladder cancers.

What to look for on labels: DEA, diethanolamine, or DEA-related ingredients, including: Cocamide DEA, Cocamide MEA, DEA-Cetyl Phosphate, DEA Oleth-3 Phosphate, Lauramide DEA, Linoleamide MEA, Myristamide DEA, Oleamide DEA, Stearamide MEA, Triethanolamine (TEA), TEA-Lauryl Sulfate.

3. Diazolidinyl Urea.

Why used? It’s a preservative.

Where used? Many cosmetic, skincare products and shampoos, conditioners, bubble baths, baby wipes and household detergents.

Dangers: Established as a primary cause of contact dermatitis (American Academy of Dermatology). Contains formaldehyde, a carcinogenic chemical, is toxic by inhalation, a strong irritant, and causes contact dermatitis.

4. Sodium Lauryl/Laureth Sulfate. (SLS and SLES)

Why used? A foaming agent. It’s cheap.

Where used? Car washes, garage floor cleaners, engine degreasers, soaps, shampoos, detergents and toothpastes. Used in 90% of products that produce foam.

Dangers: Skin and eye irritant. SLES is somewhat less irritating than Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, it cannot be metabolised by the liver and its effects are therefore much longer-lasting. In the same way as it dissolves the grease on car engines, sodium lauryl sulfate also dissolves the oils on your skin, which can cause a drying effect. It is also well documented that it denatures skin proteins, which causes not only irritation, but also allows environmental contaminants easier access to the lower, sensitive layers of the skin.

Perhaps most worryingly, SLS is also absorbed into the body from skin application. Once it has been absorbed, one of the main effects of sodium lauryl sulfate is to mimic the activity of the hormone Oestrogen. This has many health implications and may be responsible for a variety of health problems from PMS and Menopausal symptoms to dropping male fertility and increasing female cancers such as breast cancer, where oestrogen levels are known to be involved.

5. Mineral oil

Why used? To hydrate skin. Because it is a left-over from the oil industry it’s very cheap. (In fact it’s cheaper to buy it than to dispose of it)

Where used? Many baby product including baby oil (100% mineral oil), petroleum jelly, baby wash liquid soap, baby lotions.

Dangers: Coats the skin like plastic, clogging the pores. Interferes with skin’s ability to eliminate toxins, promoting acne and other disorders. Slows down skin function and cell development, resulting in premature aging. What happens is that mineral oils cause the skin to actually dry out. Then you put on more mineral oil based products, which drys the skin even more and so a vicious cycle starts.

6. Talc.

Why used? Resistant to moisture

Where used? Soaps, deodorant and baby powders.

Dangers: Scientific studies have shown that talc is similar in structure to asbestos, a well known cancer causing agent. Studies also show that women who used talc in their genital area had a higher risk of developing ovarian cancer. This is particularly disturbing since this cancer has such a poor prognosis when diagnosed at an advanced stage. Talc poses a health risk when exposed to the lungs. Talc miners have shown higher rates of lung cancer and other respiratory illnesses from exposure to industrial grade talc, which contains dangerous silica and asbestos. Since the early 1980s, records show that several thousand infants each year have died or become seriously ill following accidental inhalation of baby powder.

7. Triethanolamine (TEA).

Why used? Adjusts PH levels, and are often the base for cleansers

Where used? Cleansing milks, eye gels, shampoos, shaving foams etc.

Dangers: Problems associated with TEA include allergic reactions and dryness of skin and hair. They can also be toxic to persons exposed over long periods of time.

8. Propylene Glycol.

Why used? Prevents the escape of moisture, makes the skin smoother. It’s cheap to produce.

Where used? Makeup, shampoos, deodorant, mascaras, skin cream, after shave, baby wipes, wallpaper stripper, paint and de-icer.

Dangers: Has many side effects including the risk of cancer, reproductive toxicity, usage restrictions, allergies and immune system toxicity, skin and eye irritations, organ system toxicity, endocrine disruption, contact dermatitis and neurotoxicity. It also is a penetration enhancer, meaning it penetrates skin cells, getting right into the bloodstream, carrying other chemicals with it. Many of the natural companies sell “paraben-free” and “aluminum-free” deodorants, but they still contain propylene glycol because it’s a cheap ingredient.

9. Artificial colors.

Why used? Cheaper to produce than naturally occurring coloring agents

Where used? Most cosmetics

Dangers: Coal Tar by-products, sold on the cheap to manufacturers to mimic naturally occurring colors and scents. such as Blue 1 and Green 3, are carcinogenic. Impurities found in commercial batches of other cosmetic colors such as D&C Red 33, FD&C Yellow 5, and FD&C yellow 6 have been shown to cause cancer not only when ingested, but also when applied to the skin.

10. Artificial Fragrances.

Why used? Cheaper to produce than naturally occurring fragrances.

Where used? Most makeup, cosmetics and skincare products

Dangers: Can contain chemicals that aren’t listed on the ingredients. (Would you buy some food that had an ingredient listed as ‘other stuff’?) Artificial fragrances can be a combination of unknown chemicals, sometime up to 200, and it is often difficult to determine what is in a product “fragrance” or if the ingredients used are safe. That’s because companies don’t have to tell consumers what is in a “fragrance.” This information is considered proprietary. Many synthetic fragrances contain phthalates which are toxic to the reproductive system and have been linked to health problems such as allergies, birth defects, cancer, and respiratory disorders.

The conclusion about these ingredients in makeup products: While it probably isn’t possible to remove all chemicals from all products it’s important for us to be well informed as to what we are buying and the implications. Certainly we all should be wanting to reduce the amount of chemical that our bodies absorb through the skin. From the other extreme, its not wise to get stressed out if you can’t find something 100% natural. This would offset the benefits of using natural makeup.

This is where natural makeup and cosmetic products come in – we can protect our skin and bodies.

Did you also notice that the reason for many of these ingredients being used is because they are cheap. So it begs the question – if companies are putting so much cheap ingredients in their makeup, just why then are their cosmetic, makeup and skincare products so expensive? Yes, we are paying for advertising, packaging and then name.

What are the alternatives? At my site you will be able to find some great alternatives to these nasty ingredients. You will also find some great tips and recipes for natural makeup and skin care

You will probably agree that it’s time to change to natural products. Don’t let your looks kill you!

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Party Makeup – 13 Common Mistakes That Can Totally Ruin Your Party Night!

So you are going out on a party with friends but you are worried about your “party makeup”? You remember that last time you went out, your makeup was a disaster? Shouldn’t you worry anymore, because I am about to reveal you the 13 biggest mistakes girls usually do when applying their makeup for the party night. I will also show you the things you should and shouldn’t do!

  1. The first mistake happens before you even apply your party makeup and it’s called “the rush”! Going out in a club can be a very exciting and interesting adventure which can even change your life for good. It can happen that you meet the love of your life or new wonderful friends. But it can also mean that nobody notices you. You just don’t stand out from the crowd. Many times I hear complaints from girls that they are never noticed in the club parties. So it is VERY important that you don’t rush with your makeup. Take your time, it’s YOUR party makeup we are talking about here. As a professional makeup artist I never rush, I always take as much time as I need, unless there are of course different circumstances. Even I make mistakes when I’m not focused.
  2. Some girls forget to wash their face with cold water and apply moisturizing lotion before the makeup. It is very important that you wash your face with cold water because this will stimulate the blood circulation in your skin, which makes it ready for the makeup. Also applying moisturizing lotion is important because your makeup will last longer. Don’t forget to apply the lotion massaging it into the skin, again, because of the blood circulation. This will perfectly prepare your skin for your upcoming party makeup.
  3. After the lotion, don’t immediately apply the foundation. If you have skin problems like pimples or acne you should know that applying concealer for party makeup takes it’s place BEFORE the foundation. For party makeup you have to choose the green colored concealer. If you don’t have one, then skip this routine and apply the concealer close to your foundation tone AFTER the foundation application. But if you do have the green concealer, apply it directly on the problematic portions of your skin. Watch out how much material you apply, don’t apply too much because this will be noticeable later and also will be greatly noticeable on the photos.
  4. Next big mistake happens when choosing the foundation color. Sometimes girls chose darker foundation than their skin tone. For party makeup it is very important that you choose foundation that is little lighter than your skin tone. Specially if there are strong ultra violet lights in the club, your face could look very dark, and it would mean a disaster if you choose darker foundation.
  5. Now the foundation application. If you applied the green concealer, never rush with your foundation. Don’t make a mistake by applying your foundation in left and right motions, because it will totally ruin your party makeup. You will displace the concealer you applied before. It’s time to apply foundation with wet sponge. Apply it on the sponge. Now you press the sponge on a single spot and move it just very little to one side. This is how you apply the foundation. Just repeat the process. It is time consuming but it is well worth the effort. You won’t displace your concealer which is under your foundation and your party makeup will look gorgeous.
  6. Choosing strong eyeshadow or lipstick colors is very important. Girls do complain that their party makeup doesn’t look much different than their usual daily makeup. It is because they usually choose too light and soft colors. For clubs and parties you have to choose strong colors. Just one caution. Don’t make your eyeshadows and lipstick colors to clash. If they both are too strong, the makeup can look artificial. There are however exceptions where both colors can be strong and still look gorgeous.
  7. Don’t forget to lighten the area under your eyes if you have dark circles. You can use white eyeshadow for this, just watch you don’t apply to much of it. Or you can use lighter concealer.
  8. Big mistake, to make! No darker blush colors compared to your lipstick color, please! Only once I did this mistake. I applied darker blush than the lipstick color was and the girl looked like someone hit her on her face. This can totally ruin everything. Go easy on blush!
  9. Don’t be afraid to use sparkles, it is very cool for parties, so you can become the star of the night!
  10. Did you notice that your face glows very bright, on the photos, compared to your body? This is another big thing girls usually don’t know why it’s happening. Because the foundation and concealer reflect the light from flashes, your face glows on the photos while your body absorbs the light. Put some foundation and sparkles on your upper body, like shoulders and cleavage, if they are visible of course. This way your body will also reflect the light, you will reach brightness balance and look truly gorgeous on the photos.
  11. Watch that you don’t make a line on your neck, with your foundation. Take your time and make good blending with your neck tone. If you need, use pressed powder which will help you hide the line.
  12. No use of pressed powder foundation. Girls always ask why their faces glow so much on the photos. This is different than the glow I explained before. The one I was talking about earlier is just the difference between face and body brightness. But this is when your face just glows way too much on photos. It happens if you don’t apply pressed powder foundation. For party makeup you must use it. It makes your face absorb some portion of the light. Apply it the same way you applied the foundation, just with a dry sponge instead. And remember that you have to apply your pressed powder foundation before the lipstick. The lipstick is the last thing you put on yourself. You can also apply little of this foundation on your body, it looks great there.
  13. The last big mistake girls do is when they apply their lipstick. Your lips are your poisonous weapon you can use to seduce your targets. So that’s why you have to calibrate this weapon to hit the target. Girls usually forget that lips have these natural pores which must be visible to look natural. Putting too much lipstick on your lips will even out the pores and make them invisible. This causes unnatural and plastic look of your lips, which totally ruins your party makeup. Other people get an impression that you just put too much of your makeup on and that it doesn’t look cool. I will tell you how to make your lips totally sexy and seducing that nobody can resist. Chose your color and apply your lipstick. Blot your lips with a tissue paper after the application of lipstick, to remove the unnecessary material. Now that you have your lipstick on and the pores visible put a crystal clear lipgloss on your lips. This will totally make your lips go “kiss me”!

    That’s it! Based on my personal research, these are the 13 most common mistakes girls make to ruin their party night. Follow my advice and you will become the star of the night!

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